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kayastha chitragupta
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Revered During Diwali, Chitragupta Is The Divine Record-Keeper For Yama, The God Of Death. The Kayastha Community Honours Him With Rituals That Include Writing New Account Books, Offering Sesame Seeds, Jaggery, And Millet, Seeking His Blessings For Knowledge And Prosperity.

Kayastha Chitragupta An Important Celebration For The Kayastha Community. Chitragupta, The Divine Record-Keeper For Yama, The God Of Death, Is Honoured For His Role In Recording Human Deeds And Ensuring Justice In The Afterlife. The Puja Is Typically Held During Diwali, Symbolising New Beginnings And Prosperity.

Families Prepare By Thoroughly Cleaning Their Homes And Setting Up A Sacred Space With An Idol Or Picture Of Chitragupta. The Rituals Include Offering Flowers, Rice, Turmeric, Sandalwood Paste, And Traditional Sweets Like Tilgul And Jaggery. Devotees Also Engage In Writing Down Their Financial Records, Symbolising The Meticulous Nature Of Chitragupta’s Duties And Seeking His Blessings For Wisdom, Truthfulness, And Prosperity.This Puja Highlights The Importance Of Knowledge, Accountability, And Ethical Living, Reflecting The Core Values Of the Kayastha Community.


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